Our Charity's Mission

Feesabililla was founded in 2008 to both combat and raise awareness of the plights faced by our brothers and sisters in Senegal. From many poverty-stricken communities, children are sent away from their families to gain an education and learn the Qur’an. Unfortunately, in many cases these children are then drafted into a lifetime of begging – abused and forced to live in squalor, often growing up without the necessary skills to earn a legitimate living.

We aim to change that, through the construction of a legitimate Quran school that will provide students free access to both religious and academic education. We hope to be able to build workshop facilities alongside the school in order to train apprentices as mechanics and seamstresses thereby providing a way to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.


We're a non-profit organisation, looking forward to facilitating a better world through coming together, Feesabililla. You can join us too!

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We're already providing Qur'an lessons to kids in Senegal. Help us to pay for utilities, meals and accommodation

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We're currently raising funds to facilitate the construction of a new school and grounds, Feesabililla.

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