Muslim Organisation

Feesabililla was founded in 2008 after a group of friends became aware of the plights faced by the poor in Senegal.

Safeguarding Children

We provide free Quranic education to children that may otherwise be sent away from home and into a life of begging.

Building a School

Our goal is to complete the construction of our school in Senegal which will provide both religious and academic education.


In addition to our other causes we run a sponsorship program for boarders. The sponsorship covers the costs of basics (food, books, clothes etc.).

Practical Training

We aim to provide apprentices with a real means of earning a living through workshop training in mechanics and tailoring.

Not for profit

We're proud of being a truly not-for-profit organisation, with all of our trustees being volunteers, none of them take home a salary.

Our Story

Feesabililla was founded in 2008 to both combat and raise awareness of the plight faced by our brothers and sisters in Senegal.

From many poverty-stricken communities, children are sent away from their illiterate families to learn the Qur’an and gain an education. Unfortunately, in many cases these children are then drafted into a lifetime of begging – abused and forced to live in squalor, often growing up without the necessary skills to earn a legitimate living.

They are being exploited under the guise of Islam and the pretext of gaining an education in order to fill the pockets of their captors.

We aim to change that, through the construction of a legitimate Quran school that will provide students free access to both religious and academic education. We hope to be able to build workshop facilities alongside the school in order to train apprentices in mechanics, tailoring and carpentry. Thereby providing students with a way to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty.

In 2012 we became a registered charity and since then we’ve been liaising with workers on the ground in order to achieve our goals. We’ve purchased a plot of land in Senegal and have also been donated over an acre by a local individual. Construction has started on the school, and we hope pending its completion we will be able to begin work on more classrooms and workshops.

Please check out our FAQ page for more detailed information on specific issues.

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“For my brothers and sisters from the Feesabililla Foundation may Allah (SWT) reward you tremendously for your efforts, and for your help and intentions of aiding the deen of Allah (SWT), by way of aiding those children that are in need. Walhumdulillah for all of your help and assistance.

May Allah (SWT) allow you to see His Face on Yaum Al-Qiyamat for every penny, every pound and every means that you have made available to them and for this Alhamdulillah. A lot of money that you are sending every time for these kids, may Allah (SWT) put in the scales of your good deeds these efforts, Ameen.”

– Mr Talla Ndiaye (A former student of the school and current volunteer at Feesabililla)